Mini Laser Machine BCL0503MU (40W) Work Area: 500*300mm


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BCL0503MU (40W)

Mini laser machine BCL0503MU (40W)

work area: 500*300mm

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Compositions Cotton
Styles Girly
Properties Colorful Dress
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BCL0503MU (40W)


work area: 500*300mm


Mini Laser

Smart size, easy to place and set to work. BIG EYE design of transparent acrylic window, convenient for viewing. Stainless steel hollowed table, easy to discharge smoke.Electric up-down work table, facilitated with ball screw transmission system, capable of processing non-metal materials of different thickness.Under non-work state, open left door to clean the interior space. 3 in 1 closed crossbeam (guide rail, belts, tank chain integrated in the beam).



WIFI wireless control

Convenient - Wireless control High
efficiency - One PC can control more than one set machines

WIFI remote control


Laser tube

1.When the working current is 4mA and the tube is in the state of pre-ionization, the laser can be used for high-frequency impulse engraving.
2.The product is featured for working under large power rate and long service time, which is suitable for the cutting of knife mold machine and thick acrylic sheet.

Laser tube

Japan Omron Electronic components

Japan Omron Electronic  components




It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial, lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error.
Thus, the HG series linear guideline is characterized with long service life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.





Stepper motor

Low Noise
Low Vibration
Smooth Operation
High Torque
Higher Acceleration Ability
Better Precision
Better Acceleration Performance
3 Phase NEMA 42 stepper Motor


Stepper motor