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OneVision® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of software solutions for the printing, publishing and media industries.

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OneVision Software develops high-performance and extremely flexible software solutions for automating the prepress of publishing houses, prepress companies, printers and repro and typesetting houses. The core competence of the international company based in Regensburg lies in the continuous automation of prepress workflows. The goal is to help print service providers worldwide to achieve better quality and a more economical printing process in the production of their print products. With its integrated industry solutions, the Automation Suites - specifically tailored to the various requirements of different print segments such as book, label and wide format printing - OneVision makes its expertise available to several print segments and meets the individual requirements of these industries. In addition to the comprehensive Automation Suites, OneVision also offers software for the automation of individual work steps such as preflighting, image editing, RIP, impositioning of PDFs and inksaving.

With OneVision's workflow management systems, entire workflows can be set up individually so that files can be processed automatically. This is based on unique functions for filtering, sorting and routing files based on metadata. OneVision's software solutions can be used anywhere regardless of the printing process and can be integrated with all common MIS and content management systems.

Faster, higher, stronger – the printing software manufacturer OneVision designs its products according to this Olympic motto. OneVision’s comprehensive range of products for printing and media prepress offers printers, newspaper publishers and media companies essential options for speeding up production times (faster), maintaining high print quality (higher), and reducing costs (stronger).