TransferRIP Software 4C/5C

FOREVER TransferRIP, in combination with the FOREVER Transfer Media and OKI White Toner Printers, opens up incredible opportunities for all users. The TransferRIP Software lets you run small productions at high resolution, efficiently and with a result that is even softer than screen printing on textiles. Even when producing single transfers.

  • Supports OKI C711wt / Pro7411wt / Pro8432wt / C920wt / ES9420wt & OKI C800 CMYK-Series (4C-Version)
  • Separate version available with support of printers with 5 color channels like OKI Pro9541wt / C941wt / ES9541wt (5C-Version)

The TransferRIP software plays a major role in improving Color Management Controls, White Toner Controls & the Rasterization. These options are very powerful features for lowering your overall toner costs, increasing the durability and improving the washability as well as producing a much softer touch to transfers – when compared to other digital heat transfers on the market.



  • Better color reproduction
  • Save on White Toner (Upto 25%)
  • Save toner by Rasterizing images (Upto 35%)
  • Save upto 60% on overall Toner costs
  • Color Management Controls for Professional Requirements

Updates for the TransferRIP software are free of charge for six months.

TransferRIP Software 4C/5C

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